so you want to know who mosaicavatar is?

MosaicAvatar is mosaic artist Kevin McMahon



Kevin McMahon aka MosaicAvatarI am Kevin McMahon (aka MosaicAvatar), a Sydney born artist now living on Russell Island, Queensland, who primarily creates mosaics and art from re-used or recycled items.

After more than six years in the Australian Maritime Industry, injury from a motor vehicle accident in which my car was hit by a drunk driver lead me to explore several career paths including Computer Support/Help Desk, Computer Technician, Banker, and various roles as Telecommunications Technician – working with telephone exchange equipment (Step x Step, ARE/ARF Crossbar, AXE and various ‘special projects’), and later as a Cellular Phone Technician repairing mobile phones. I began my artistic journey after stumbling upon some interesting mosaics at a local nursery near where I then lived in Melbourne, and decided to try my hand at making my own mosaics. The flexibility of materials which mosaics allow, also lead me to indulge my passion for making ‘recycle art’ from various re-used items.

Kevin McMahon installing cabling for telephone exchange equipment.

The name MosaicAvatar was born in 2005, soon after I began exploring the art of mosaics. I was also new to yoga and meditation, and had been contemplating creating a website to advertise my artwork, so when a friend gave me a broken terracotta pot which reminded me of the head of a Greek goddess statue, it inspired the illustration for the original website logo and the name which borrows from the Sanskrit word ‘avatar’, meaning God manifested on the earth… so my usage of the word ‘avatar’ is a reference to a spiritual belief of God being within each of us, and further extending this metaphor… that with the right attitude, we are each capable of anything we set our mind to.

Towards the end of 2012 I discovered the Russell Island Community Mosaic Group (RiCMG), and have been going to their regular meetings ever since. I enjoy my time there amongst friends who share my passion for mosaics, so decided to apply for membership the following year… I was literally welcomed with open arms, and was also elected RiCMG President for 2014, and then twice again for 2015 and 2016. The mosaic group has some interesting projects being planned, and I will post details of these when available on the News & Current Projects page.

Original MosaicAvatar logo.

I hope you enjoy following my creative journey as much as I enjoy sharing it. Along the way I will add mosaic tutorials and also share some tips I’ve stumbled upon. From time to time I may also include tid-bits of my humour (not suitable for circus performers, ninjas, and certain species of chickens).


If you would like information about how to commission your very own mosaic or recycle artwork to be made by me, please submit your inquiry via the contact form.

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