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lumber box : completed recycle art project

// March 23rd, 2012 // 5 Comments » // Re-use projects


Recently I have amassed a considerable amount of re-usable timber for my ‘recycle art projects’ and despite my best efforts to keep it sorted, it always seems to find a way of getting out of control and spilling out of its cardboard box.

Before moving house late last year I bought several sheets of used mini-orb galvanised iron from Hervey Bay Reuse Market Centre, which I had been planning to use to make a mobile veggie garden box, however my new home already has a veggie garden which I have rejuvenated with my compost etc, so I decided instead, to use the materials to make a mobile lumber box this weekend.

Almost no change was needed from the original design or materials (I added removable hardwood timber strips on top and inside the bottom of the box to separate longer timbers and stop them slipping), so if my requirements change later it’s no problem to use it as a veggie garden box.


Used mini-orb galvanised iron sheets. Used mini-orb galvanised iron sheets.

All up, it cost me approximately $40… here’s a breakdown of materials:

  • Mini-orb galvanised iron (4 1/2 sheets) – $7 from reuse centre.
  • Treated pine posts – free.
  • Hardwood decking off-cuts – free.
  • Screws – $6.30
  • Castors (4 locking) – $26.00
  • Wood stain – leftover from previous project.
  • PVA glue – I keep a stock of this for projects.